Cao Xueqin Red Tower Dream

February 7, 20242 min read

The most famous novel The Dream of the Red Chamber by Xueqin published about interpersonal relationships, romance, and the aristocracy of China

Originally circulated in hand-copied manuscripts, The Dream of the Red Chamber is not only rich with psychological insight, but also enlightening in its portrayal of Chinese society during the Qing dynasty.

Cao Xueqin was the posthumous grandson of Cao Yin,  who was the Textile Commissioner in Nanking and was greatly favored by Emperor Kangxi

The book tells the story of the prosperity and ruin of a large wealthy family who recklessly squandered their wealth, bringing upon themselves many troubles and misfortunes.

The novel was widely popularized

  • by its elegant plotting,
  • fantastic events,
  • love adventures and 
  • detailed descriptions of everyday life.

“This resolution it is that will evolve the descent into the world of so many pleasure-bound spirits of retribution and the experience of fantastic destinies; and this crimson pearl blade will also be among the number. The stone still lies in its original place, and why should not you and I take it along before the tribunal of the Monitory Vision Fairy, and place on its behalf its name on record, so that it should descend into the world, in company with these spirits of passion, and bring this plot to an issue?”

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